Called by God, we are a community of faith guided by God’s wisdom, truth, and light as revealed in the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Our Mission is to proclaim the good news, cultivate and nurture believers, and serve our community


All Saints Episcopal Church is a vibrant diverse community with a wide range of views–united in our commitment to pray, learn, and serve together. In so doing, we connect with each other, with God, and with those in need. Whoever you are, whatever your origins, wherever you are in your spiritual pilgrimage, you are one of us: a child of God. All who are on a spiritual journey are welcome at the Lord’s Table. 


All Saints is a parish within the Diocese of Chicago and a member of The Episcopal Church in the United States which is a constituent member of the worldwide Anglican Communion in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. 


We believe that the Holy Scriptures reveal all things necessary for our salvation, are authoritative in matters of faith, and provide the basis for our personal and community ethics and morals.


We believe we are called to live our baptismal covenant. We honor, respect and fully include all people in all aspects of our worship and parish life.


We further understand the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds to be the defining statements of our faith.